4 Steps To Affect A Cheap Hotel With Good Quality

A lot of people say that getting a hotel with a cheap price, a comfortable place, good facilities, and a strategic location is impossible. But in our opinion, you are very likely to get “the all-in-one package”, as long as know the trick. You can get a hotel with quality and facilities 4 or 5 stars, but with the price of 3 stars. The trick is easy, only takes 4 steps only. You should also check Reservation.com which always find the best price for you.

  1. Note the value and reviews of previous guests

The secret of getting a cheap hotel with good facilities and a strategic location is you need to find out the value as well as reviews provided by previous guests at the hotel. To get a good quality hotel, you should look for hotels with a minimum rating of 7, or even 7.5 to 8 in some of the higher-standard cities. The value below it usually only gives the facilities and the average quality only. Good enough, but nothing special.

Remember, do not pay attention to numbers or values only. Note also the review given, because usually from there you get more information about the real state of the hotel. Look at the advantages and disadvantages of the hotel, as well as things that make the guests happy or not happy to stay there.

  1. Select a favorite area of tourists

The next factor to take into account is the location of the hotel. Choose areas that are a favorite of travelers and have easy transportation access. Consider also the distance between the area of the inn with the area that you will often visit while there. Do not let you choose a hotel that is very far away from the places you want to visit, so you will spend a lot of cost and time of transportation.

Do not stop there. See also the neighborhood around the hotel via Google Street View, so you know whether the neighborhood around the hotel suits your needs or not. For example, does the area has many food places, minimarkets, and more.

  1. Sort by lowest price

After you set the default you want (value and area), then the next thing you should do is sort the hotel based on its lowest price. In this way, you can search for hotels that fit your criteria and fit the budget. You can also filter hotels based on your budget to get the same results.

  1. See what facilities are offered

The last factor you should also consider is the facility you get. Does the price include breakfast, does the hotel provide free wifi throughout the hotel area, does the hotel have a swimming pool, does the hotel have a restaurant and others. In addition, see also photos of the bedroom, bathroom, and other areas within the hotel, whether according to what you are looking for or not.

By doing these 4 steps, you can get a hotel with the best price and quality that match your criteria. So, getting a cheap hotel with good quality is no longer an impossible matter. The key: set the standards you want and resilient-looking for, then you will get the best hotel. Do not forget, do your hotel reservation on Reservation.com

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