Best Romantic Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is home to some of the most romantic cities in the world, filled with history, friendly and charming people. There are plenty fantastic destinations to choose from whether your ideal romantic trip means visiting museums, tasting new foods, or relaxing on the coast with a view of the sea. Spend a night in Venice, visit the ancient Colosseum in Rome, spend a night on a romantic suite on Capri, or stay for a week in one of the homes for rent in Italy. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best romantic places to visit in Italy.


Take a gondola ride back in time in the historic and charming floating city of Venice, Italy. Uncover the Doge’s 9th-century residence, a colossal Gothic palace which has been the center of the Venetian government for almost seven centuries. For art enthusiasts, the Gallerie dell’Accademia is sure to enjoy as it boasts the amazing Venetian art from the 14th to 18th century. Works of some of the famous artists such as Bellini, Canaletto, Titian, and Tintoretto are among the pieces in the permanent collection. Appreciate the personal collection of Peggy Guggenheim, one of the 20th century’s greatest collectors.