Lake Como: landscape, villas and vacation rentals

Speaking of the beautiful lake on the Continent of Europe, less satisfied when it does not discuss the charm of the beauty of Lake Como. Italy’s third largest lake in northern Italy is ranked first in the world’s most beautiful lake version of Huffington Post. No wonder many tourists enjoy the ideal summer vacation on Lake Como. Even until someone has a home there for a regular vacation. You will always need a Lettings Lake Como for your great vacation on Lake Como.

Then, what are the beauty and the uniqueness of this lake that in ancient times became a resting place among the nobility and aristocrats?

Lake Shape Resembles Reversed Y Letters

Generally, shaped lakes tend to be round or oval. Well, the shape of the lake in Italian called Lago Di Como is not like the shape of the lake in general. The shape of the lake that began to stop in 800 M has resembled the letter Y upside down so it is like a man who was running. Because the lake is quite large, which is 146 square kilometers, the position of this lake is spanned in several cities. Each ‘leg’ is located in the towns of Lecco and Como. ‘Nose’ is located in Domaso Town. The position of ‘waist’ is in the City of Bellagio.

Surrounded by Classic Landscape

A classic landscape. This is what distinguishes this lake from the lake in general. As already mentioned, the position of this lake stretches several cities. Buildings contained in these cities, mostly old age and classical architecture. Not only that, among the classical buildings there are several castles. Therefore, when in the middle of the lake, visitors will feel the atmosphere typical of the nineteenth century.

In addition to the old buildings of classical style and castle, some mountains adorn this lake. To the east of the lake are the mountains of Resegone and Legnone. Each of this mountain height is 1885 meters and 2650 meters. While in the west of the lake, there is a mountain Bregnano which has height 2092 meters. Well, between the ‘feet’ of the lake, there is also a mountain named San Primo. Well, the combination of these mountains with the beautiful countryside and the towns around the lake creates a sight that is so fascinating.

Because of the charm of this lake, it does not surprise that many poets, both from Italy and elsewhere, are looking for inspiration on this lake in ancient times. One of them is Percy Bishyee Shelley, an English poet. Enchanted by the beauty of Lake Como, he wrote a letter about the beauty of this lake to Thomas Love Peacock, a novelist who also came from England.

Villas Rental and vacation

Usually, the tourists often visit the lake Como located in northern Italy filled with flowers in the spring and in summer. This makes the atmosphere more romantic for couples and the beauty of the buildings that can provide its own color.

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is one of the oldest and most elegant hotels in the Lake Como area and a 5-star deluxe hotel in Bellagio. Lakeside gardens offer guests the chance to enjoy a vacation away from the crowd and close to nature set in one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world.

Then there is the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Guests staying at this hotel will get services that create comfort. Guests can enjoy the facilities provided by the hotel for sailing on Lake Como. For visitors who want to sunbathe, on the shores of the lake, the hotel provides sunbed chairs equipped with umbrellas. Other facilities in this hotel include fitness center, tennis court, golf, water sports, horse riding, cycling, to paragliding.

Guests staying can also feel the sensation of eating differently from each restaurant. The hotel has approximately 7 restaurants with interior design and ambiance each of which has its own characteristics.

Usually, what a lot of tourists do is adventurous with boats or doing water sports. On the ground, there are many things that can satisfy the thrill seekers, such as tracing the hiking path. Meanwhile, in the waters, there are many activity options, including canoeing, kayaking, even a boat tour to roam around the lake.

Became Location Filming Some Hollywood Movies

Due to its breathtaking landscape, this lake was once the location of several Hollywood movies. Among them are Ocean Twelve, Star Wars, and Casino Royale. In fact, not a few world celebrities who buy houses or other properties in the area around the lake. Among them, Sylvester Stallone, Madonna, and George Clooney.

Well, because of the beauty of this lake, no one to call Lake Como as the most beautiful lake in Italy. If you plan to vacation in Como lake, it’s good if you have to look for some information on the website of Lettings Lake Como.

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