Lately, a lot of adrenaline enthusiasts have tried extreme sports called canyoning. Even some places in Europe and America have provided facilities to accommodate these sports addicts, for example just like the canyoning Bovec in Slovenia.

So, What Exactly is Canyoning?

Broadly speaking, the canyoning is an outdoor activity based on tracing rivers, waterfalls, or canyons. Interestingly again, while exploring nature, you will be invited to do other challenging activities, such as scrambling, river-hiking, rappelling, and abseiling. The Canyoning Bovec is one of the best adventure options.

In some places, sometimes, the canyoning is combined with cliff jumping activities and swimming. Of course, all of these activities are carried out in the outdoors and must use safety devices, such as life jackets, helmets, and others security equipment.

Canyoning Trends

This canyoning sport was first born in France. After that, this canyoning sport quickly spread to other countries in Europe and America. Especially in countries that still have forests with varied tracks. From rivers, hills, canyons, waterfalls, mountains, and more.

This canyoning itself was originally created not for sports, but for research in hydrology, meteorology, and others. It’s just that, given the number of people who started crazy with the adventure tourism, as a result, the canyoning was dragged into outdoor activities that fall into the extreme category. If you like some extreme adventures, you should try the canyoning Bovec. In the beautiful Kozjak waterfall area, there are many interesting spots that you can try to enjoy the scenery.

Safety Problem

Don’t worry about the security issues. The reason is in canyoning Bovec, everything is well available including instructors who are very experienced. That way, you will be more comfortable and safe during tasting and enjoying various challenges presented in the canyoning Bovec – Canyoning Soča.

Now for those of you who want to see how exciting adventuring is by canyoning Bovec, you can watch some of their videos on

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